Sunday, December 14, 2014

Road trip!

Well, things are happening. We made the announcement in Sunday School today that our birth mom had an ultrasound today, a doctor appointment Monday, and that she had an early morning appointment for induction on Tuesday. 
Well, God has changed those plans, and we got a phone call today. She was being admitted, and they were starting the induction. So I left work, we hit the road, and we are sitting in the waiting room of one of the fanciest birthing centers ever. 

We had big plans to update you with a puzzle post this afternoon, and to let you know how we've been blessed in the last week. And now, that seems like such a distant memory. 

So I'm going to do my best from here, without my list, or the filled in puzzle picture. 

Robert and Janessa Sneddon
Keith and Theresa Jiran
Paul and Elaine Hendricks
Dean and Sue Sunderland 
David and Debbie Pubins
Drew and Val Freeman

Thank you! You have no idea how humbled and gracious we are for you, and for your amazing gifts in this process. 

We have had some other amazing gifts and offers made this week that have been so moving that we want to mention them also. Some friends of mine at work are asking desperately what they can do for us. Two of the coworkers that donated our car seat told me on my way out to call if I needed anything, that they'd head up the hill too. Our usual dog sitter told us not to worry about a thing, that she'd be over and everything would be taken care of. My good friend has offered to stock our fridge, drive up and get us coffee, or anything else. 

One of the girls that has been touched by Becky and Karen's ministry send us a gift card she received for exchanging clothes. The gift card was accompanied by a three page letter explaining her story, and her desire to help in ours. 

You are all a major part of the story of bringing this little girl home. Thank you. 

Please continue to pray for our birth mom, for her comfort and health. 
For the family that is offering this child up. 
Please pray for the legal process that still has to happen, and for the health insurance to come through. 

We are so thankful to have all of you reading this, praying for us, and moving forward with us. 

I'll update you all when there's more news. 


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